Pastor Marty Sloan is the Lead Pastor of Harvest Time. He and his wife, Becky, have two sons, Chandler and Landon. He is passionate about reaching, engaging, embracing, and growing real people so that they can have a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. In his pastoral role, he is a marriage mentor, life coach, and strong advocate for national and global missions.

Marty also speaks across the country, sharing his passion for the truth of God’s Word. He is a cutting edge communicator who proclaims the message of Jesus Christ in a way that is culturally relevant and life transforming with a strong  emphasis on the basics of Christianity.

“One of my greatest joys is to pastor from the center of the room. Pastors are surrounded by the people they shepherd, not separated from them. As a leader, I believe in ‘doing life together.’ It’s important that I enjoy the life of others as they do the same with my family. If you are looking for a real place with real people and a real pastor, it would be my joy to partner with you for the blessed life God has for you. I would be honored to be your spiritual life leader as we all journey together for God’s best!”
– Pastor Marty Sloan