Beginning December 16, 2019 Pastor Deron Freeman will step into the role of Interim Pastor. Pastor Deron has been on staff for over 10 years serving as Worship Director and Care Pastor, as well as overseeing our Missions program. He is a Fort Smith native and has a passion for HT and the people in the River Valley.

Transition Update 12/4/19

Transition Update 12/4/19

What’s Next for HT

Our board has begun a process with the Overseers for selecting the next Pastor of HT. Please join us in prayer for the board and this process, as they prayerfully seek God’s leading in this time.

While the search is conducted our staff will continue to fulfill ministry and accomplish the mission set forth in God’s Word, extending our impact and influence on the community. HT has an excellent pastoral team and Pastor Deron Freeman will fill the role of Interim Pastor of HT beginning Dec 16, 2019. We believe this is a significant time of transition as God prepares us for opportunities in the future.

Pastoral Transition Announcement 11/17/19

The Sloan Family is going to a new church assignment in 2020. Pastor Marty’s last Sunday as Senior Pastor will be Dec 15, 2019.

“This past weekend I was able to share the story about the Sloan family moving in 2020. It has been more than an honor to be a part of this church for the past fifteen years, ten of those as lead pastor. Our hearts are full of love for the people of HT, gratitude, for the friendships and forever in awe of what God has done. Thank you for allowing us to share part of the journey with you!

“Our prayer a few months back was to be able to be closer to our parents in Ohio, finding it more and more challenging being thirteen hours away. As I shared this weekend with the Harvest Time family, this time frame is much faster than we had planned, but we are confident that it’s all part of His plan! The same voice that led us from our church family in Ohio fifteen years ago to a new church family in Arkansas is once again leading us to a new church family in Illinois.

“Even as I am confident this is God’s plan, there is still an awareness in our hearts that shifting in relationships is not easy when you have enjoyed so much of life together. While change always has uncertainty we excited about what is ahead for Harvest Time and stand ready to see a wonderful future for us all. The next pastor will have my unending support and I will be cheering for you, ready to celebrate the awesome plans God has in store. The BEST is yet to come!

“You don’t need to do anything to thank me or for me, you have done everything for me by showing up these past 10 years.

“The Sloan family says thank you and we love you! Please keep us in your prayers, you will remain in ours!”

With Much Love and Gratitude

Marty, Becky, Chandler, and Landon Sloan